These products are mainly focused on diesel-electric locomotive control systems,

but they can be used in any setting where traction engines are being used.

The TECU is a next generation locomotive control system designed to communicate with new electronic locomotives.

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Certified DOT crashworthy, TMV’s CHMI (Crash Hardened Memory Interface) receives information from TMV’s control system, the TECU, or from TMV’s Event Recorder.

Event Recorder Module

With the TMV Event Recorder, fault Logs and event records can be viewed live, downloaded and charted through our standard TECU-PC software.

The Remote Access Integrated Network (RAIN) Module is the core of a stand-alone communications and data logging system that improves the management of any system.

TMV designs custom electrical cabinets for your locomotive or traction motor vehicle. 

TMV's Automatic Engine Stop/Start (AESS) system is designed to monitor a locomotive and automatically shut down the engine to save fuel.

Our secure, web based interface allows you to monitor your equipment from any desktop or portable device.


Software package that interfaces with the TECU system, to download, view, and analyze your vehicle’s data.

TMV's Megawatt-Hour Meter calculates total power output and displays data on an LCD color touch screen, along with useful statistics.

The Engine Shutdown Timer (EST) is a simple timing device, designed to shut down the engine after it has spent a certain amount of time in idle.

The Axle Generator is part of the TECU system. It provides input back to the control system about each axle's speed.

The Current Sensor is part of the TECU system. It is typically placed around a traction motor cable and is used to sense the current into the traction motor.

The TMV Speed Probe is a zero-speed active sensor that senses the rotation of a target gear mounted on the armature shaft of the traction motor.

The Battery Saver is a helpful timer which turns off all non-essential loads after 20 minutes from engine shut-down.

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