Remote Health Monitoring (R.H.M.)

Conheça o funcionamento da Unidade de Controle do Motor de Tração 

Cellular Remote Monitoring

Remote Health Monitoring (RHM) is a solution that offers information about the health and location of locomotives.  


It also offers more data to your equipment managers, offering possibilities for off-site diagnostics and data analysis.  


The data can be delivered through cellular connections to anyone who needs it in your organization, no matter where they are relative to the equipment. 

TMV utilizes available communication technology to allow TECU’s captured data to be viewed online, via the Remote Health Monitor (RHM) feature.  RHM allows customers to trace events from any location in order to help determine what occurred, when it occurred, and why events took place.

Any and all data generated from TECU is available to the remote viewer.  This technology allows for an enhanced, proactive approach to locomotive troubleshooting and repair – thus saving time and expenditures.

TMV’s secure, web-based interface allows customers to monitor equipment from any desktop or portable device.

GPS enabled, TMV’s RHM allows for locomotive location tracking.  


Additionally, it automatically uploads key system information several times an hour and sends fault logs to the web server on a customer-defined schedule.  


RHM also allows for automatic message and email alerts if certain faults or events are experienced.  Data is available to be exported for analysis in .csv or tabular form.

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