SCM - Supply Chaim Managment


Backroom has been serving the market for 10 years, adding Value to Clients thanks to a team of professionals who acquired experience working for multinational companies both in the Brazilian and in the foreign markets.

We started our activities to meet the market demand for development of suppliers, certifications, procurements, due diligences and contract management.


The broad knowledge of our team and the constant quest for new businesses led us to focus on the development of international business partnerships.

Currently we are also engaged in two business lines:


  • Represent foreign companies, enabling them to develop Sales in Brazil.

  • Support in the internationalization of Brazilian companies, developing new technology partnerships with foreign manufacturers.

Technology industry with a focus on: 

- Pharmaceutical (Human and Veterinary), Motors and Generators, Wind and Hydraulic
- Energy Generation, Metal and Mechanical, Pipelines, Medical-Hospital Equipment,
- Mining Companies, Civil Construction, Subways and Railways

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SCM - Supply Chain Management 

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